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About Us

Our chief executive and founder Mr. K K James with his proven track records in the field of supply and services on pneumatic tools, could cater with  exceptional service to our various prestigious customer base, we become one of the leading suppliers and “Solutions providers in and around Delhi NCR region. 


We are exclusive distributors and stockists of mainly IEC/APT make products for the last 20 years and catering the automobile component manufacturers and electronic industries of Northern Region.


Because of our prompt, expert, quality service and price advantages, our customers always prefer our name for their all such requirements. 


Our speciality and focus is on mainly three things. 


(1) Understanding customer requirement exactly and supplying and giving services quickly.


(2) our commitment to the customer for reaching to their utmost  satisfaction. Because of these two policies of JJ, we are what we today. 


(3) More over, we deal almost Indian makes tools, products considering the availability and quality of spares and services so that, we can immediately cater the service requirement of our customers,  in hand and save production losses in assembly lines. 


So we adopt a policy of  MAKE IN INDIA and MADE IN INDIA/SWADESHI product and encourage our customers to use so.  This will give employment opportunity to Indian masses. Our product cost compared to cost of other imported tools  are very economical. 


We do not encourage our valuable customers to buy USE AND THROW tools, as it would curtail their valuable production time and increased costing. This approach has been appreciated by our customers and hence we have long term relationship with almost all customers from year 2000 and till keeping it 


Presently we deal mainly  in products of APT/IEC tools for the last 20 years.  Since IEC/APT is not manufacturing many other products like orbital sanders and angle grinders, high torque shut off tools, torque arms, torque measuring equipments,  and accessories we are outsourcing from other Indian manufacturers.

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